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Mango Smash

Mango Smash

Bursting with Fresh Mango Flavour

Mango Smash

It’s not a cider, or a beer.

Mango Smash is an 8% sparkling alcoholic mango drink made from fermenting real Queensland mangoes! It’s gluten free, vegan and bursting with fresh and natural mango flavour!

Availability – All year
Colour – A light yellow-orange colour
Vegan – Yes
Gluten free – Yes
Abv – 8%
Taste – Made from 100% Australian mangoes, delivering a beautiful fresh and natural mango flavour
Ideal temp. – 5 °C, or enjoy on ice
Pack size – 6 x 4 x 330ml

If you would like to stock Mango Smash or want to know where you can buy it then please contact:

Kye Livingstone
Harcourt Valley Vineyards –