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Sightings American Pale Ale

A full flavoured beer

After working in the vineyards over summer, the lads at Harcourt Valley Vineyards often enjoy a beer to finish off a hard days work.  This lead to development of a fuller flavoured beer, which is not over the top but very enjoyable to say the least.

The name ‘Sightings’ is derived from the numerous big cat sightings that occur and said to roam the area.  One theory on how they came to be here is that American Soldiers had panthers as mascots during WW2.

At the end of the war they were told to destroy them, however it is believed the soldiers had become quite attached to the animals and instead they decided to release them in to the Australian bush.

After a documented sighting of a ‘big cat’ on the property in 2008, we decided that producing an American Pale Ale would be quite fitting.