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Raspberry Mead

Raspberry Mead

A refreshing combination of flavours

The Honey Badger Raspberry Mead

Winemaker Quinn Livingstone witnessed the growth of mead during his visits to the USA to make wine in the Australian off season.  It is here he became interested in mead and then began to brew his own trials upon return to Australia.

The Honey Badger Raspberry Mead is an alternative to cider and is mead is one of the fastest growing categories in the USA with a new ‘meadery’ opening on average every 3 days.

The new style meads are lower in alcohol and infusing other flavours to create a refreshing sessionable style of beverage that makes a great alternative to cider.

With the smart attractive packaging we believe this will grow quickly, much like the Ginger Kid did when it was first released.  We believe this will be a front runner in the market, if the trend in the USA is anything to go by.